Welcome to the website of The Frac Notice Team


We are a growing group of hard working professionals focused on providing Directive 83/IRP 24 Hydraulic Fracturing Notifications for the Oil and Gas Industry.

In addition we also will:


  •   Assist you in developing your Interwellbore Communication Policies
  •   Provide 3D Mapping & Modeling for Frac Port Placement Planning
  •   Provide a 2 part Notification and Mitigation process
  •   File your D 59 applications
  •   Perform your Flare Notification
  •   Arrange for your Remote Monitoring and other risk mitigation processes
  •   Provide a Post Frac Report on your Monitoring


We currently serve a growing list of companies that wish to frac safely and effectively. From June 2013 to Sept 2013 we prepared and delivered over 100 Frac Reports for 17 companies on time and cost effectively.

We are always improving and streamlining our processes and we are eager to meet your D 83 needs in a professional and courteous manner.

To get started simply email us and we will send you our order form or simply order online or call us.
To meet and discuss our process in detail please contact George Conroy at 587-888-1097.

As one of the trusted and fastest growing company, we are invited to be one of the speaker in the Shale Gas & Oil Symposium. Check this out