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3rd Party Notification Response

The Frac Notice Team will respond to your 3rd party Frac Notifications on your behalf and we will take the needed steps on your behalf to protect you from being fraced into unknowingly.

We feel it is important to respond effectively to offset Frac Notifications to protect your Field Staff and your assets, failure to respond may result in significant production losses.

The following is the 5 step process the Frac Notice Team undertakes whenever we respond on your behalf.

1 : Receive & Review

  • We will set up our file and send you an simple Order Form or please e-mail us with your:
    • Area Production Engineering Contact:
    • Local Field Contact(s):
    • Production File Clerk Contact:
  • We shall create a map , then review their letter for pertinent data and we shall collect needed well data to provide to them.
  • The letter will be reviewed for facts and or a lack of facts with a Production Engineer.
  • We will respond to the Sender and advise them of our role and possibly request additional data.

2 : Internal Engineering Review Process.

  • A Production Engineer shall receive the file and review all of the facts and perform a risk assessment to determine the potential impacts on your wellbore.

3 : Written Response

We shall then draft and send a written response addressing:

  • Mitigation needed.
  • Minimum monitoring requirements.
  • Pressure tolerances if there is inter-wellbore communication.
  • Your Field Contacts and requirements.
  • A change process.
  • A follow-up process.

4 : Client Communications

  • Your Field Operator(s) shall be called and emailed to be made aware of the pending operations.
  • If you require we can monitor the Frac on your behalf?
  • You shall be emailed a copy of the response and advised to place a copy on their well files.

5 : Follow up!

  • We shall follow up with your Field Team to check on the Frac.
  • We shall follow up with the Subject Well Owner 1 week after the Frac to ensure:
    • The Frac was completed
    • That we got a copy of any Monitor data.
  • We shall obtain the data and send a copy to the Client for their files.
  • We will retain a copy for our records.

This process ensures that any effect of the Frac is recorded for historical reasons as the negative affect of the Frac may not be immediately evident. WE believe responding and keeping track is critical to protecting your assets.

The cost of this service is $ 645.00 (plus GST) per notification for 1 well, if more wells need to be researched then additional time charges will be added.