The Frac Team has been intact since fall 2013 we have an amazing team of Production and Reservoir Engineers, led by our Project Manager Greg Clearwater and directed by W George Conroy.

In addition our Mapping and Admin teams are well trained, we can produce an amazing custom product each and every time for all of Western Canada.

We continue to search for better and more effective ways to serve our Clients.

We have an excellent Mapping Department and produce the Industries best and most effective maps here are some examples:

Overview Map: click here

Detail Map: click here

Frac Port Map: click here

Waterwell/Residence Map: click here

Monitor Maps: click here

We continue to evolve and learn our craft and we apply those learnings to our Clients. We take pride in working with you and meeting your needs 7/24/365.

We do NOT charge extra for overtime, weekends or holidays we deliver a consistent excellent product day in and day out.

It is our pleasure to serve you!


Although the Frac Notice Team has had a short history none the less it has been compelling, here are some of the highlights to-date:
Jan 17, 2013
  • Received email regarding pending Directive 83. This was the beginning and the email is framed in our office. We quickly realized the opportunity and began to respond.
Jan, 2013
  • Researched Pending D 83&IRP 24.
Feb 1, 2013
  • Began to develop processes and procedures to create an effective D 83 Report. Held meeting with AER and Industry peers.
May, 2013
  • Hired a senior Production Engineer so that we could continue our development to begin to prepare D83 Notifications. W. George Conroy presents at the PIASS Safety Conference in Banff.
June 14, 2013
  • Delivered first D 83 Frac Notification to the Blackspur On-site Frac Supervisor and completed the Flare Notifications for the project as well.
June 19, 2013
  • Completed our first Directive 59 submission Completed11 Frac Notifications for 4 different Clients. Underwent our first AER onsite audit of our Report, passed with flying colours.
July 2013
  • Completed 25 Frac Notifications for 7 different Clients Added our second Senior Production Engineer. Joined the IRP 24 committee to track what changes are forthcoming to keep our clients in the know!
August 2013
  • Completed 25 Frac Notifications for 8 different Clients Added our 3rd Production Engineer. Released our version 3 report, with several improvements and that is easier to use.
Sept 2013
  • Completed our 100th Directive 83 Frac Notification Report for our 17th Client. Began Development of our "Post Frac Report". Began development of our "Interwellbore Communication Corporate Policy". Staffing is at 15 persons; FT & Contracted
October 2013
  • Implemented new GIS process to streamline Map production and resulting cost reductions. No one can build maps as fast as us! Our maps are critical to a successful Assessment & Mitigation. Developed plan for product &service expansion for the next 2 years. Investigated our first inter-wellbore communication and completed our "Post Frac Report"
November 2013
    • Clients now include include:
    • Birchhill
    • Centrica
    • Coral Hill
    • Legacy
    • Long Run
    • Mosaic
    • Petrus
    • Polar Star
December 2013
  • Moved into our new expanded offices at: Suite 9, 2010 – 30th ave NE. We have room to grow! Merry Christmas to all! Our staff generously donated their Xmas party to the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan.

    We have a GREAT TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

January 2014
  • Happy New Year! January is a busy month indeed.
February 2014
  • Attended the SPE Conference for Hydraulic Fracturing in The Woodlands, Texas. Our team works hard to learn about Fracking in order to support and assist our Clients in any way possible. There were many great papers presented here. Our team reviewed all relevant SPE white papers from the conference.
March 2014
  • Updated and shortened our Main Report. We are constantly reviewing our process and procedures to improve out outputs. We now have a 42 step process for our reports.

    Clients love our service we respond 7/24/365!!!!

      Clients now include:
    • Athabasca Oil
    • Baytex
    • Chinook
    • Enerplus
    • EOG
    • Spry2
April 2014
  • Breakup hits, "Frac Lite" project completed in BC and SASK! Staff rests after a busy winter.
May 2014
  • Breakup continues, Team is on holidays and reading SPE Papers.
June 2014
  • Fracking begins again.For several of our Clients we have a copy of their Drilling schedules so we assist them in being on time with the notifications and mitigations. We also submit the DDS for several clients and arrange their monitors. We are a full service team!
August 2014
  • We undertake our first Directive 79 project in Red Deer. Many abandoned wells are close to our subject wells and need to be checked for Methane leaks after Fracking operations.
September 2014
    • Few are pleased to add several new Clients:
    • Goldenkey
    • Inplay
    • Mancal
    • NEP
    • Omers
December 2014
  • This was a great month and Merry Christmas to all, what is with this Oil Price?
February 2015
  • Once again attended the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference.It was nice to see some clientsthere and it seems most think MORE SAND = MORE PRODUCTION. The US has a long history on Fracs and there was a good paper on SW Sask by Crescent Point and some interesting Philosophical views were shared.

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