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Directive 79

The Frac Notice Team can address all of your Directive 79 needs. Directive 79 came into effect June 17, 2013 and it directly affects Well Owners and those that wish todevelop lands and buildings on top off or near to Abandoned Oil and Gas

This directive has been prepared in support of the SDR

  • sets out minimum setback requirements from abandoned wells to surface structures;
  • presents important information for municipal officials, planners, development officers, and applicants for subdivision or development approval (applicants) about abandoned oil and gas wells licensed by the ERCB;
  • provides guidance for municipalities in ensuring that abandoned wells are identified and appropriately located within subdivisions and developments;
  • sets out the ERCB’s requirements of the oil and gas industry to locate and test abandoned wells:
    • where potential conflicts with proposed surface structures may exist, and
    • where abandoned wells already exist in close proximity to surface structures;
    • provides instructions on obtaining the necessary abandoned well information from the ERCB; and
    • details the protocol for locating and testing abandoned wells.

In support of this new Directive we support both:

Developers We:

  • Obtain the well records and research & locate the wells and pipelines and provide maps to aid in the area development from the start.
  • Perform the Engineering needed to assess the likely health/status of the Abandoned Wellbore and determine what repairs may be necessary and the likely impact on your project.
  • Assist in connecting with and liaising with the Energy company.

Well Owners We:

  • Will perform all the Testing and Assessments needed as per Directive 79 to ensure the Abandoned wells are secure and then continue to conduct the well site investigations as required.

Government We:

  • assist those who need to comply with Directive 79 and ensure that Directive 79 I followed properly.

For all existing wells near to or beneath buildings Directive 79 sets out an audit program the Well Licence needs to follow to ensure that the integrity of the Abandon Well.

The Frac Notice Teamcan address all of your Directive 79 needs and requirements and can create the Assessment report for you.

If the well requires mitigation then we can start that process for you as well.

To get us started please call the office at:587-888-1097or email

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