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IRP 24 Overview

IRP 24 is a living document that shall grow and grow for the next several years with the intent of effectively guiding the Oil and Gas Industry with pertinent Industry Recommended Practises.

Members of the Frac Team participate on this committee to ensure that we stay abreast of current and new developments to prepare and protect our clients.

IRP 24 is being continuously developed to ensure that Industry stays operating favourably. It is important that High Risk Fracing operations are conducted safely and effectively protecting all involved and the public and our communal assets. We all know what happens when the Oil and Gas Industry has a bad day, sadly the public loves to hate our Industry.

Fracing is indeed a high risk operation and no one could argue that so IRP 24 is here to help!.

IRP 24 is committed to serving the industry and helping it to protect is “social licence”, we need our social licence to operate successfully and at costs that allow the Industry to profit.

The first release of IRP 24 became effective in March 2013 and address a proper Frac Notification process to prevent uncontrolled interwellbore communication.

The IRP 24 sets our several specific deliverables that the ERCB will be anticipating and our process will meet these expectations.

Please take a few minutes to meet with us so we can show you our process to make things work safely and cost effectively to ensure your Fracturing Operations go forward without a hitch.