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The Frac Notice Team Process

The Frac Notice Team has an excellent system to deliver to you as fast as respectfully possible a practical accurate Directive 83 Frac Notification Report.

We have streamlined our process and they are as follows for a Report with 3rd parties:

Step 1

  • will deliver to you our Order Form.
  • The order form is completed and we begin immediately.
  • The project is scheduled based on the dates provided we will do our best to meet your needs or immediately advise you if we cannot!

Step 2

  • Overview map created from data provided and ASSESSED.
  • Client is sent overview map for comment.

Step 3

  • 3rd Party data request and advisement letters hand delivered.
  • Time is provided for 3rd party operators to respond, typically 5 business days.

Step 4

  • Detail Map created. Risk Mitigations performed by Engineering. Report drafted and forwarded to Client for review.
  • 3rd parties are advised of recommended Risk Mitigations.

Step 5

  • Report completed, 3rd parties advised. Monitors arranged and deployed.

Step 6

  • Report delivered to Field and monitored for Changes.
  • Flare Notifications and Field review performed.

Step 7

  • Post Frac Report created and Monitoring data data-based.

We take care of your Frac Project from inception to post frac reports. We love our work!